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ADVENT 2018 | Do Not Be Afraid

12.20.18 | by Lindsy Griffis

Do Not Be Afraid Scripture Reading For the Day: Matthew 1:18-2:12  Nothing has induced more fear in my life than parenthood. As a first-time-mother, I loved this little person much, but I was overwhelmed with the reality that his actual...

ADVENT 2018 | Anticipation

12.16.18 | by Sherry Gotshall

Anticipation SCRIPTURE READING FOR THE DAY: Revelation 22:12-21 Once again we have stepped into the season of Advent: a time to reflect on those precious promises from the Old Testament, as well as rejoice in the proof of Jesus’ coming to...

ADVENT 2018 | Hopes of our Heart

12.13.18 | by Lauren Mlaker

Hopes of our Heart Scripture Reading For The Day: Jeremiah 33:1-16 Joy and sadness, beauty and pain, longing and satisfaction, hard but good; in life these seemingly opposed realities can mingle together and coexist in a way that can be...

ADVENT 2018 | God's Declaration of Comfort

12.09.18 | by Same Sterk

God's Declaration of Comfort Scripture Reading For The Day: Isaiah 40:1-11 What do you feel when you hear the word comfort? So many thoughts and feelings flood our mind…. peace, calm, rest, hope, caring, ease, love, or being...

ADVENT 2018 | Take Heart!

12.06.18 | by Jake Blakeney

Take Heart! Scripture Reading For The Day: Isaiah 11:1-10 and 1 Samuel 16:6-13 The heart is central. It is the core of our existence as sons and daughters of God, and it is the only thing that God is concerned about. We’ve...

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