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Life: From All Angles | Abortion

04.27.17 | General | by Life International

    A month ago we ended our elective "Life: From All Angles." In it we attempted to shift our worldview upward to see life as God sees in order to change inwardly to feel as he feels. The goal of that change being that we might go out and...

    New City Kids Pt 2

    04.20.17 | The City

      Many of you have asked how the story about Teresa and the stolen bass guitar ended. Did she ever get the bass guitar back? Did she come back to New City Kids? How is she doing? Keep reading for the rest of the story.....

      New City Kids Pt 1

      04.18.17 | The City

        I walked into the pawn shop and sure enough I saw my bass guitar hanging on the rack.  I knew it was mine because for 1 year it hung from the ceiling at New City Kids.  The guy behind the counter said, "You like it? - it's a one of...

        LENT | Here

        04.16.17 | by Trudy Bloem

          I love the way John’s resurrection account begins. “Early on Sunday morning, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb…” John 20:1 While it was still dark. Against all hope, Mary came. She had loved...

          LENT | Finished

          04.14.17 | by Aubree Cantrall

            “It’s done!  I’m finally DONE!”  she cried, as she proudly held up a piece of paper with careful writing and pictures. One of my second grade students was feeling the joy of finishing her writing assignment...

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