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LENT | Repent

03.01.17 | by Carly Stender

Matthew 1-3 I have a confession. I don’t wash my face. Well, that was just until about a month ago. I decided I should probably get into the habit of taking care of my skin so that I don’t regret the look of death on my face later in...

These days...

02.02.17 | General | by Brad Klaver

    These days we are living in, I can’t help but think of the zealot and a tax collector who were both invited by the same man to be a part of an inner circle of brothers. This man wanted both of them, equally and distinctly, to join with him...

    A New Year, A New Hope

    02.01.17 | General | by Matt Lane

      Every new year brings with it new energy and new ideas. And often, it can bring a new hope. No not the stars and wars A New Hope but rather a new hope of health and other commitments. Some commitments are also around spiritual disciplines...

      TWTT | Meet the Lucas'

      01.20.17 | Podcast | by Will Dan Mike

      Crossroads Bible Church has always had a passion for church planting. Up to this point Crossroads has played a role and supported various church plants, but never actually intentionally started an new church.  But, God willing...

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