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LENT | Truth

03.18.18 | LENT | by Faith VanEnk

    Truth | Mark 12 A truth resistant person never gets very far down the road of right living and thinking. A truth resistant person will find it harder and harder to know right from wrong. A truth resistant person cannot see the need to repent. In...

    LENT | Serve

    03.11.18 | LENT | by Lindsy Griffis

    SERVE | Mark 9:30-50 Being a Mama of four, I hear it all the time. “I want the bigger piece of the granola bar! His smoothie has more in it!”  Or, most recently, as we’ve been combating the flu, “I want my elderberry...

    LENT | Free

    03.04.18 | LENT | by Alexiana Fry

    Free | Mark 7:24-37 The book of Mark takes us through another snapshot of the birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ, another color bleeding through in the kaleidoscope that is the Son of Man. Mark seems to highlight over and over again the...

    LENT | Waiting

    02.25.18 | LENT | by Melinda Bouma

    Mark 5:21-43 Wait. Hurry up. Wait. Hurry up. That has felt like the rhythm of many of my toughest seasons. I want things to hurry up; it only seems all the slower for it. I wanted my husband’s thyroid surgery to just be over already. To...

    Torah Portions Blog | TERUMAH

    02.22.18 | Torah Portions | by Matt Stowell

    Offering (Terumah) Exodus 25:1-27 | 2 Kings 5:12-6:13 | Mark 12:35-44 The reading for Feb 17th was “Offering" (Terumah) Exodus 25:1-27, 2 Kings 5:12-6:13, Mark 12:35-44. If you need to get caught up go ahead!  After reading these 3...

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