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ADVENT | Day 20

12.20.17 | Women's Focus, Advent | by Lynda Roersma

Luke 1:26-80 During this time of the year during advent, I think about Zechariah. His story stretches my imagination to picture what these scenes looked like. I wonder what would I have thought? How would I have responded? Would I be afraid?...

ADVENT | Day 18

12.18.17 | Women's Focus, Advent | by Morgan Koehler

John 1:1-18 There is a crescendo in John 1:1-18. A crescendo, in musical terminology, is when the music gradually grows in loudness. If this piece of scripture is a symphony playing within the mind, it starts out soft, adding layers and truths...

ADVENT | Day 17

12.17.17 | Women's Focus, Advent | by Lindsy Griffis

Revelation 22:12-21 Picture a banquet. A feast. Tables stretched for miles long in fields of glory. Mountains, orange skies, wildflowers abounding, the backdrop adorned by the creation of God alone. A new earth, restored. The table is filled...

ADVENT | Day 14

12.14.17 | Women's Focus, Advent | by Sherry Gotshall

Micah 5:2-5a + Malachi 3:1-4 Watching a toddler grow and learn is such a precious thing. There is so much for them to absorb, learn, and use in their everyday life. One of the things my precious grandson, Holden, is learning right now is...

ADVENT | Day 13

12.13.17 | Women's Focus, Advent | by Jana English

Jeremiah 33:10-16 A promise of restoration from desolation desolate. deserted. bleak. No people nor animals dismal emptiness a barren waste. Jeremiah. The weeping prophet, some would even call him the...

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