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Making Room | A Community Kids Blog

12.27.18 | ON MISSION | by Donny Irving

    Making Room: A Community Kids blog I’ve never been one to lock doors. Many know how God led me to my ministry in Southeast-side Grand Rapids in the first place: Kids trespassed in my backyard to play basketball and instead of kicking them...

    ADVENT 2018 | Christmas Eve

    12.24.18 | Advent

    Christmas Eve Scripture Reading For the Day: Luke 2:1-21 It was a cold, dark night. This is perhaps one of the assumptions we can make about this historic time in history. The roads were filled with hundreds, if not thousands of travelers...

    ADVENT 2018 | Glimpses of Something Better

    12.23.18 | Advent | by Jana English

    Glimpses of Something Better Reading Passage of The Day: 1 John 4:7-12 I recently had the privilege of accompanying my son on one of his field trips to the nursing home. This year, each student in his class was paired with an elderly person or...

    ADVENT 2018 | Do Not Be Afraid

    12.20.18 | Advent | by Lindsy Griffis

    Do Not Be Afraid Scripture Reading For the Day: Matthew 1:18-2:12  Nothing has induced more fear in my life than parenthood. As a first-time-mother, I loved this little person much, but I was overwhelmed with the reality that his actual...

    ADVENT 2018 | Anticipation

    12.16.18 | Advent | by Sherry Gotshall

    Anticipation SCRIPTURE READING FOR THE DAY: Revelation 22:12-21 Once again we have stepped into the season of Advent: a time to reflect on those precious promises from the Old Testament, as well as rejoice in the proof of Jesus’ coming to...

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