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ADVENT | Day 13

12.13.17 | Women's Focus, Advent | by Jana English

ADVENT | Day 13
Jeremiah 33:10-16

A promise of restoration from desolation 
No people nor animals 
dismal emptiness 
a barren waste. 
The weeping prophet, 
some would even call him 
the prophet of doom. 
Spills these words 
to the streets of Jerusalem, 
the sprawled out hill countries, 
the lowlands, 
in the cities of the Negev, 
the land of Benjamin 
and even the cities of Judah. 
The people are discouraged 
at this prophecy.
And yet,
Jeremiah continues, 
promise and life on his tongue: 
the voice of Joy,
the voice of gladness,
Praise the Lord of Hosts 
for the Lord is good 
for his lovingkindness is
for I will restore,
where once there was
no growth.
A sigh of relief and comfort
to the people.
But Jeremiah is not finished. 
Here comes the breath of hope! 
In those days i will cause
a Righteous Branch of David
to spring forth 
and He shall execute
righteousness and justice
on the earth.
Behold, days are coming,
declares the Lord,
when i will fulfill the good word
i have spoken.
Could this 
could this be?? 
This longing
long awaited rescue
Israel had been waiting for? 
Could it be they were
not forgotten,
not lost and abandoned,
but would be given the One
who would
breathe life 
through the
righteous Branch? 
Israel had this shred of hope
that God would send
a restorer for their physical land 
and renew it.
Remember Simeon in
Luke chapter 2?
I think he too,
had been longing for
this very thing, 
the consolation of Israel 
and here it was
before his very eyes,
in his tired bones and seasoned heart.

[luke 2:25-32]

He took the wobbly pink baby
tenderly in his shaky arms 
he blessed God,
his voice
far from shaken,

"Now, Lord, you are releasing your
bond servant to depart in peace
for my eyes have seen your
a Light of Revelation
to the Gentiles,
and the Glory of Your people Israel."
wow, wow.
And here we are, even now, 
longing for the coming Messiah,
to redeem, restore, rescue. 
To fulfill His promise 
to return. 
Each and every Advent,
we can be reminded of the
Ultimate Restorer,
the Redeemer,
the Breather of Life
in our desolate one.
Who of us are not immune to 
seasons of bleak emptiness.
Who of us do not long
for Him to come and redeem 
and breathe life in our death and decay?

"Come thou long expected Jesus
born to set thy people free; 
from our fears and sins release us
let us find our rest in Thee. 
Israel's strength and consolation 
hope of all the earth thou art 
Dear desire of every nation 
joy of every longing heart."