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ADVENT | Day 18

12.18.17 | Women's Focus, Advent | by Morgan Koehler

ADVENT | Day 18
John 1:1-18

There is a crescendo in John 1:1-18.

A crescendo, in musical terminology, is when the music gradually grows in loudness. If this piece of scripture is a symphony playing within the mind, it starts out soft, adding layers and truths until you are begging to know, who is this man John is speaking of?

Let me attempt to play this symphony for you.

All things were made through Him.

Blazing celestial bodies spoken into orbit through Him. The sun that gives us sunsets, the moon that greets our sleep.

Mountains rose, waters rushed into the world, all called through Him.

Trees climbed into the heavens, flowers opened their petals for the new world to see.

Delicate cells multiplied and divided, muscles fibers knitted together, bones ossified, all stitched together and coming alive through Him.

Words spoken through Him, spoken into desolate nothingness to spring forth beautiful, abundant life.

Enter in the darkness, the low bass music ebbing and flowing into a corner of the mind usually behind closed doors. Darkness in the created world, darkness lurking in the hearts of man, darkness pulling them away from the very one who created them.

A streak of hope, like the rest of the orchestra finding its voice among the low bass players. Like first rays of the sun climbing over the horizon. A light shining in the darkness. And the darkness cannot overcome it.

Flutes and high woodwinds chirping melodies, calling to be heard. A prophet calling out in the desert of the promised one to be the light in the darkness. The prophet, not the man himself, but a witness of the one.

The light entering into creation, wrapping himself in flesh to become like those who would not receive him. Dwelling among those who do not know Him. The people knew of the law given to them by Moses.

But this light?

This light reaching out like a hand, offering a gift of adoption, offering truth, offering grace upon grace upon grace, like waves that continuously kiss the shore.

Who is this man? Who is this eternal one, from the very beginning in whom all things were made?

Who holds life cupped in his hands?

Who is the promised one, spoken by the greatest prophet?

Who is this one that is not afraid of the darkness, who in fact cuts into it, refusing to be overcome?

Who is glorious, full of grace and truth?

Who offers a way back to the Father, a way to become children of God?

The music builds and builds.

Then the pinnacle, the music is the loudest, the stars are aligning and the answer is given.

Jesus Christ.

As I write this, I cannot help but reflect on the darkened corners in my own heart that the music brings me too.

I often believe my actions are enough to earn salvation. There are times when my heart seeks to find worth in things of this world, with false hopes they will be enough to satisfy it. I worry over my future, instead of trusting the one who holds it.

Yet this crescendo causes my soul to dance.

Jesus, the light, not afraid to enter into my darkness to bring the power of new life, just like how He brought life in the very beginning. Reminding me of grace and truth. The King of creation adopting me into His kingdom.

Advent is a time when the church remembers Jesus entering into this world to offer abundant life to those who believe. Can we remember now the light entering into our own personal darkness and not being overcome? Bringing abundant life?

Your soul will dance, I promise.