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ADVENT 2018 | Glimpses of Something Better

12.23.18 | Advent | by Jana English

Glimpses of Something Better Reading Passage of The Day: 1 John 4:7-12 I recently had the privilege of accompanying my son on one of his field trips to the nursing home. This year, each student in his class was paired with an elderly person or...

ADVENT | Day 13

12.13.17 | Women's Focus, Advent | by Jana English

Jeremiah 33:10-16 A promise of restoration from desolation desolate. deserted. bleak. No people nor animals dismal emptiness a barren waste. Jeremiah. The weeping prophet, some would even call him the...

Psalm 90 | SATISFY

07.13.17 | Summer through the Psalms | by Jana English

    Our church body has the option to join us in reading all 150 Psalms throughout the Summer. While reading these Psalms, several women from our church have written reflections on those texts and we are so blessed to share them with you.

    LENT | Hosanna

    03.19.17 | LENT | by Jana English

    The purple cloak. I still remember it like it was yesterday. The salty Jerusalem air was mixed with more than just desert sand and the sweet fragrance of ripened dates. A sense of anticipation and excitement bubbled inside my little heart as I...