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God's Design for Marriage | Part 1

04.09.20 | Marriage | by Stephanie Teslaa

    God designed marriage to serve a great purpose, but how did He intend husband and wife to work together as a divinely designed team? We will begin looking at the role of husband and wife. We live in a world that has strong opinions of the roles...

    God's Purpose for Marriage | Part 4

    04.06.20 | Marriage | by Stephanie Teslaa

      God commands Adam and Eve to rule and subdue. How does this apply to our marriages today? It's a beautiful call on all our marriages to bring Eden back into our homes and families, to exhibit God's shalom to a watching world.

      God's Purpose for Marriage | Part 2

      03.30.20 | Marriage | by Stephanie Teslaa

        The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him” (Genesis 2:18). We look at another purpose to God's Design of marriage - mutual provision and companionship. God created man to be in relationship...

        God's Purpose for Marriage | Part 1

        03.26.20 | Marriage | by Stephanie Teslaa

          Why did God create marriage? Or phrased another way: "What is the purpose of it?" If we don't know the why behind the what, we may transpose our own ideas or even the world's ideas on this God-given relationship. We start by looking at...