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ADVENT | Day 14

12.14.17 | Women's Focus | by Sherry Gotshall

Micah 5:2-5a + Malachi 3:1-4 Watching a toddler grow and learn is such a precious thing. There is so much for them to absorb, learn, and use in their everyday life. One of the things my precious grandson, Holden, is learning right now is...

ADVENT | Day 13

12.13.17 | Women's Focus | by Jana English

Jeremiah 33:10-16 A promise of restoration from desolation desolate. deserted. bleak. No people nor animals dismal emptiness a barren waste. Jeremiah. The weeping prophet, some would even call him the...

ADVENT | Day 11

12.11.17 | Women's Focus | by Taylor Greer

Isaiah 52:1-53:12 He came in a way that no one expected. He came in humility as a servant. This has always captured me, the King of Kings giving up heaven to become a servant who would humbly take our sin to the cross and conquer it once and for...

ADVENT | Day 10

12.10.17 | Women's Focus | by Steph DeCou

Isaiah 40:1-11 Am I the only one who thinks about “a year in review” and tends to cringe? There’s something very cathartic about reflecting on the past year, and then again, there’s also something heavy in that reflection...

ADVENT | Day 5

12.07.17 | Women's Focus | by Lauren Mlaker

Isaiah 11:1-10 Come Lord Jesus, Come. To be honest, as I sit to write a few thoughts on this passage, I am so humbled. This past season has been one where my heart and its desires are quickly being exposed for what truly resides. There have...