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ON MISSION [Kyle + Megan Winters - OSU]

05.16.18 | ON MISSION

ON MISSION [Kyle + Megan Winters - OSU]

    Kyle and Megan Winters are ON MISSION to Ohio State University where they have helped to plant a church. Learn more about them and their work!

    The Vision

    At the end of Matthew's Gospel we find the Great Commission, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”  We aspire to live this commandment out in the context of the college campus.

    Who are we?

    Kyle and Meghan Winters.  We were both involved in a campus church while in college at the University of Michigan.  It was there that Kyle began to live out his faith and Meghan heard the Gospel and placed her faith in Christ.  Years later, we started dating and were married.  We moved to Columbus, OH to be part of a team planting a church at Ohio State, h2o.  Along the way we had two children, Makenna and Jackson.  The last decade has been a blast and we are grateful for God allowing us to participate in his redemptive work to bring the Good News to college students!

    Why Collegiate Church Planting?

    We are part of a network of churches that seeks to plant churches on the college campus, Collegiate Church Network.  We believe that today's colleges and universities house tomorrow's leaders.  This means that if we see a movement of God on the campus today, then tomorrow we will be sending out leaders into the world - men and women who will lead out in seeing God's Kingdom advance.  Not only that but college campuses seem to be some of the most unreached places in our country.  From what we've seen there is typically a very small percentage of college students at public universities who understand the Gospel and are actively involved in a local church or ministry, many times under 7% of the student body.  At the same time, the college campus is a place for young people to develop a sense of who they are, what they believe, and how they want to invest their lives.  Unfortunately, it's also a space where anxiety and depression, substance abuse, sexual immorality, etc. are potentially at all-time highs.  It is often also an environment critical of the Bible.  We know that true hope is found in the Gospel.  One of the most amazing aspects of campus church planting is seeing what happens when young people come to faith and gain an understanding of God's love and plan for their lives - by reaching the next generation we believe we will impact the nations.  

    What is our focus?

    We seek to plant churches on the college campus, who will in turn plant churches on college campuses.  We invest in three main areas as we seek to make disciples of students:

    • CHARACTER - we seek to share the Gospel with students, see them come to faith and grow in Christ-like character, and to be on mission to invest in the lost
    • MINISTRY SKILLS - we desire to equip students to grow in their influence through learning to share their faith, lead small groups, understand and share Biblical truths, etc.
    • DOCTRINE - we long to imprint each class of students with a foundational understanding of the Bible through study and application.  We hope students graduate with an increased understanding of the Bible and devotion to living it out.
    What is our method?

    We have three main aspects to our approach:

    • SUNDAY SERVICE - we have a weekly gathering that meets on campus each week for worship, teaching, and fellowship.  This is a great space for the church to be together and also serves as a front door for people to invite friends or those interested in exploring Christianity
    • TEAMS AND SMALL GROUPS - Our small group community is the heart of our church.  This is where students are encouraged to connect, learn, apply, and grow in their faith.  We see the most spiritual growth take place in the context of this community.  
    • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT - Recognizing that we have such a short window with students to train and equip them to be leaders and influencers in their careers, families, and church communities. And hopefully raising up missionaries to go locally and globally!
    What is our history and where are we headed?

    We were part of a growing campus church at the University of Michigan, New Life Church.  In 2008 New Life sent a team to Columbus  to plant a church at Ohio State (because God has a sense of humor).  We just celebrated 10 years as a church and it has been an amazing ride.  In the last decade we have seen God grow the church, we've grown to having a Sunday service and congregation in the City of Columbus, in addition to a campus service and congregation.  We were given three buildings less than a mile from campus.  And we are thrilled and humbled to announce our first church plant to Indiana University.  In the Fall of 2018 we will send a team to plant our first church at IU.  We hope this to be the first of many church plants.  

    How can you learn more or partner with us?

    We would love to hear from you!  You can email us at:  

    Explore our church website at www.h2ocolumbus.org, or partner with us at www.reliant.org/kyle.winters

    There are so many ways that people have partnered with us - we would love to explore with you how God may have you join us in bringing the Gospel to the college campus!  

    View the 10 Year Celebration slide show