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ON MISSION [Northern Africa]

03.25.18 | The Nations

ON MISSION [Northern Africa]

    God is Moving in Northern Africa!

    Who are we?

    “J&J”. We a general surgeon and a registered nurse by training. We both have been pursuing missions since our youth, and Muslims for 9 years. We became part of the Crossroads family in 2007. We lived in Grand Rapids until 2011 while in surgery training. We helped lead a house church and spent a lot of time with the Stockbridge Boiler Room. We then moved to the Memphis inner-city for three years where we worked among the urban poor there while paying off med school debt and gaining experience. We then moved overseas as part of a team that includes other health and development professionals. and after one year of language study outside our country, we then moved to the country in Northern Africa where we now serve, where we have been serving for two years. We have four kids: ages 12, 10, 8, and 6.

    What is God doing?

    We are seeing people accept Kingdom truths that, as Muslims, they “aren’t supposed to accept.” We are seeing miraculous things happen, and we are seeing an openness to Jesus that has never before been seen here!

    What is the Vision?

    Catalyze disciple-making movements (whole groups of families, villages, and neighborhoods coming to Christ) and improved health among the impoverished, 20 unreached (meaning few to no Christians) Muslim ethnic groups of the region. 15 of these people groups have zero disciples and are unengaged, meaning no one other than us is even trying to reach them.

    We focus on specific ethnic groups because of the focus that the Bible places on reaching tribes, languages, peoples, and nations. (Gen 12:2, Gen 17:4-16, Gen 22:18, 1 Chr 16:24, Ps 2:8, Ps 22:27, Ps 46:10, Ps 67, Mt 24:14, Mt 28:19, Rev 5:9-10, Rev 7:9 just to name a few).

    This word “nations” in those passages is usually translated from goyim in Hebrew and ethne in Greek. Ethne is the word we get our word “ethnic” from, and the meaning is much closer to our concept of ethnic groups than our current geopolitical meaning of “nations.”

    What are we doing?

    Our work is guided by regular, intensive strategic prayer. We try to model our lives and work after Jesus: to do the works that He did (John 14:12). We blend oral discovery Bible study with simple, reproducible health teachings. The Bible stories are a timeline of the Old Testament prophets who lead to Jesus, then into His life. The health teachings are basic concepts like locally-sustainable solutions for water, nutrition, and disease prevention that have a huge impact on health and empower the people, but that can be easily reproduced. We practice curative medicine and pray to heal when the opportunities arise. We are constantly looking for people of peace from among the unengaged people groups who will ultimately take the Gospel and improved health back to their entire tribes.

    How can you join us in what God is doing here?

    1) Sign up to get our email updates at eepurl.com/JLk5r

    2) We are currently in the US on home ministry assignment. Pray for reconnection when we return to the field later this year and more people of peace (Lk 10:5-9) in whom God is working. Pray for more financial partners (Philip 1:5) to join us through giving as we are currently running at a monthly deficit of $800. Pray for more workers to join us as we are currently recruiting new team members (Pray Luke 10:2 at 10:02am!)

    3) Join our team through financial partnership. Email for details.

    4) Form a team to come visit us short-term

    5) Join us long-term!