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Torah Portions Blog | TERUMAH

02.22.18 | Torah Portions | by Matt Stowell

Torah Portions Blog | TERUMAH
Offering (Terumah)

Exodus 25:1-27 | 2 Kings 5:12-6:13 | Mark 12:35-44

The reading for Feb 17th was “Offering" (Terumah) Exodus 25:1-27, 2 Kings 5:12-6:13, Mark 12:35-44. If you need to get caught up go ahead! 

After reading these 3 torah portions… the first question that came into my mind was, “what does God require of us, what does He require of me?” These passages all point to some sort of offering that the people would bring to build, fund, or support the Temple. The place where God dwelled among the people. 

The first two readings deal with the people of God giving and gathering things to build the temple of God. Which is a beautiful thing in itself. It always takes the community of God to fulfill the work of God. I love even more the fact that by the time we get to Christ in the book of Mark, that the whole equation is turned on its head. 

No longer is it impressive to give the biggest or most… Jesus is blessed by the one who actually gave the least materially.  He looks past all the gusto and pomp and loud long prayers and says, “she’s the one who has actually given to me, she is the one who is actually communicating something.”

So what should we offer? What does God expect to us to give to a temple that is now in us, in Christ?

Two other passages popped into my mind.

In Romans 12:1, Paul tells us that we actually offer ourselves… all of us. In a lot ways this is what the widow was giving. 

In Micah 6:8, It tells us what the Lord now requires of us. To do Justice. Not just post or talk about it, but actually do it, to live it. To Love Mercy. Not just to be merciful, but to LOVE it, to love when you see it, to desire it. And to do all of this not for ourselves but to do it in a way that we walk humbly with God who is doing these same things.

So God is building His Temple in our Hearts!
He is asking for an offering, asking for supplies, asking for our Gold and Cedar.
But not in material goods, He needs our lives.