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ELECTIVE | Navigating Political Issues as Christians

ELECTIVE | Navigating Political Issues as Christians
April 22 | 6:30–9pm | Upper Room 

Have you ever shied away from sharing your political views because you felt it would start a fight? You’re not alone—in fact, Christians feel this way more than most. The Colossians Forum is an organization that equips Christians to navigate polarizing cultural issues in a God-honoring, biblical way. They don't claim to be experts on the issues, but instead they focus their workshops on teaching biblical principles about how Christians should talk about and engage culturally tense topics. They are a nationally respected Christian organization based right here in Grand Rapids, highlighted by Christianity Today and Calvin College. Their goal in offering this workshop to Crossroads people is “less to resolve a specific issue once and for all, and more to build a capacity for working on important questions in a way that reflects faithful obedience to Christ.”

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