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Year-End Giving Opportunities 2017

Year-End Giving Opportunities 2017

As we near the end of 2017, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of Jesus and for all that God has led us through this past year. This is also the time of year when many non-profit organizations are gearing up for year-end campaigns and communicating with current and potential supporters.

It is our desire that you would give your time, resources and giftedness locally, nationally and globally as the Lord leads. In addition, to serve you, we’ve outlined a few things we will be designating our year end giving towards and invite you to participate.


January 2018 we will say goodbye to our Community Life Pastor, Brad Klaver, as he and Ken Lucas set off to gather and scatter as Trinity Mission Church in Grand Rapids (trinitygr.org). The insert gives some more of the details about what God is doing at TMC and the financial needs. We want to send them off with their first-year financial need covered!


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There is a way to make a huge difference in the lives of families living as refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. As a church, Crossroads will be providing heaters that will help keep these families warm during the coldest months (temperatures can get down to 30 degrees!). One of our Partner organizations in Jordan will distribute the heaters and have a chance to build relationships and share hope and love with these refugees. This year, due to a special deal, $60 will buy one heater and help keep one family warm this winter!


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Each year, as we seek God for how he will use us to renew the city we inevitably have un-budgeted opportunities bubble-up. Many involve start-up ministries, pressing needs, establishing partnerships and serving the west side directly. The City Fund will be used in 2018 as God leads, to serve these organic projects he gives us - like a truck to deliver food or help securing space, or maybe helping to pay for education or giving instruments to kids, possibly a new roof for a ministry or simply blessing a neighbor who has experienced loss.


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