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Women's Bible Study || WORK AS WORSHIP

Wednesday Mornings | 9:00-10:30AM | Crossroads Bible Church

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We will be meeting together starting the week of June 12th every other week until the end of August on Wednesday Mornings from 9-10:30AM in the Cave here at Crossroads. Childcare IS possible, but please communicate that it is needed ahead of time to our leaders so we can make sure that it happens.

Many Christians—from the CEO to the teacher to the stay-at-home mom—spend a great deal of time working and yet do not realize how their work intersects with their faith. They compartmentalize their faith to Sunday morning and see the rest of their week as having little to do with their walk with God. Scripture, however, makes no division between the sacred and secular parts of our lives. God gives us our work, talent and skills so that through them we might worship Him.

This six-part Bible study resource will challenge all of us to consider the reason God calls us to work. It will cause you to consider why He may have you in your current position and encourage you to look beyond how your job makes you feel and see purpose and significance in your work.