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Middle School Summer Camp

Middle School Summer Camp

Summer Camp! Join crossroads middle school students for a week at Camp AO-WA-KIYA to grow together this summer.

WHO | Incoming 6th-8th graders and Max and Chelsea garter. And other Youth from around west Michigan

WHAT | Summer Camp, the way this camp is set up, the cabin counselors are the small group leaders and youth pastors, but the camp runs everything else . We hope as the years go by our students from crossroads will choose to join us at camp which will then further the discipleship through the year.

WHERE |  Stony Lake in Hart MI.

WHEN | June 25 to July 1

WHY | Why not, and our hope is this time together will catalyze further growth and family within our student at crossroads


Register HERE ( https://www.ao-wa-kiya.org )

 - Click ’Sign up Now’

 - Then scroll down and on the right click “Middle School Week’

 - Scroll down and click the green ‘Register’ button

and you will be directed to the Sign up page

- **Please make sure to put ‘Crossroads Bible Church, GR’ under the home church section**

Once your sign up is complete, please email so we know who is going!