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House Churches

What are House Churches?

Our motivation for what we do as a church is grounded upon and lived within the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Gospel motivates and frees us to live out who we have become in Christ and is dependent upon the truth of who God is, what he has done and who he makes us to be.  All throughout Scripture, there are four key identities that are grounded in God and His Work: Family, Missionaries, Servants and Disciples.  As House Church communities and as the larger Body of Christ, it’s these identities that inform who we are based upon the Gospel that bring freedom and motivate us to go out and engage with the world around us.

Therefore, a house church is not simply a small group Bible study, social gathering or a meal-sharing weekly meeting.  Those things certainly have their place.  But more than that, a house church is a community of people who purpose to live out together the Gospel-centered identity as a family of missionary servants.  

Connect to a House Church

Email  to find out what House Churches are currently available to join.

Start Your Own House Church

If you have a specific missional focus, be it a particular part of town, neighborhood, street corner or group of people in mind, and can’t find an existing house church community that applies, or is in your area, we’ll help you begin one.   us to get started.