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Daily Bread in Uncertain Times

04.10.20 | ON MISSION | by Donny Irving

    “Give us this day our daily bread” - Matthew 6:11 With everything that's been happening with Covid-19, our ministry at Community Kids has looked a little different. However, we’ve still been able to find ways to be...

    Share the Bread

    03.06.20 | ON MISSION | by Anne Ostrander

      I used to think only very extroverted, charismatic people could be evangelists. You had to be born brave. You had to have the specific gifting. Although I do believe some have more of a natural gifting for it than others, it is still a command...

      Glimmers of Hope

      01.30.20 | ON MISSION | by Lauren Pinner

        Last Fall, a team from Crossroads had the opportunity to travel to Jordan and Lebanon to work with Iraqi, Syrian, and Yemeni refugees. Below, we've shared just one of the many stories our team had the opportunity to hear during their time in the...

        On Mission | Annie Ostrander

        01.20.20 | ON MISSION

        In this episode of the On Mission Podcast, DanMike and Matt Stowell sat down with Annie Ostrander, to hear about her experience translating the Bible while working with refugees in Lebanon! For more information on how to come alongside Annie in...