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Sermon Application Questions | John 6: 16–24

05.24.20 | Sermon Application

Sermon Application Questions | John 6: 16–24

    Every week, we will be posting a series of questions related to this week's sermon, as a way of applying the message to our lives. Please feel free to discuss these with your families around the dinner table, friends, house church, or any other members of your community!

    Read Psalm 78:23-25. What is Manna? How does Manna symbolize all that God is to Israel? What is your manna?

    How does it affect you that the disciples still can’t see after the feeding of the 5,000 (that their hearts are hard)?

    Jesus sends the disciples into the storm. Do you see the “storm” as something God allows, even sends us into? Why would God do this? How much control do we really have over our lives?

    Who does Jesus claim to be in the storm? Rod talked about the different “buoys” or “life-rafts” we hold onto in the storm? What is your buoy? Why do we place our life in these man-made life-rafts?

    What are your storms, or storms you have had to go through? What has Jesus been to you in these seasons? Who is Jesus right now to you? Is He truly your Lord? Is He Lord of your life, your time, your talent, your treasure?

    Read John 1:12. What’s the difference between “believing in Jesus” and “receiving Jesus”?