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Sermon Application Questions | John 7:1–24

09.13.20 | Sermon Application

Sermon Application Questions | John 7:1–24

    Every week, we will be posting a series of questions related to this week's sermon, as a way of applying the message to our lives. Please feel free to discuss these with your families around the dinner table, friends, house church, or any other members of your community!

    Read John 7:1-7. Why does the world hate Jesus? What does “world" mean here?
    Read 1 John 2:15-16. How do these verses describe the world?
    How is Jesus so different from the world? How does He call out the world? Is it with more than words? How does Jesus call out to you?

    In v.4, when Jesus' brothers say - Go show yourself to the world….why do we have this innate need to show ourselves to the world ("Hey world, look at me")? In what ways is this worldly? How is this the antithesis to Jesus?
    Rod said Jesus' big stage (His moment of glory) was a cross. How does this confront our “hey world, look at me”?
    What needs to change so you can "walk as Jesus walked"?