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Getting Married?

Marriage Preparation

Congratulations! If you are engaged, please let us know by completing this form. It's a great way for us to serve and support you during this exciting time! 

Crossroads Bible Church places a high value on marriage. We believe that God's plan is for marriage to be a lifetime covenant between a man, a woman, and God. To help marriages succeed, we believe it is essential to provide a couple with Biblical tools prior to their wedding day.

A lot of preparation goes into planning a wedding, but how much goes into preparing the marriage? It’s strongly recommended that you start this process at least six months before your wedding. We offer two options for premarital - a weekend intensive or mentoring with another couple. The cost of pre-marital support through Crossroads is $95. It is open to any couple regularly attending Crossroads, whether you are getting married by one of our pastors or not*. To express interest, please fill out this form or reach out to Stephanie ( ). 

*In some extenuating circumstances, couples being married by a Crossroads pastor may need to take precedence over others, especially in cases of limited space.

Pastor Request for Your Wedding

If you are looking to be married by a Crossroads Bible Church pastor, please complete this form. Many factors go into scheduling weddings with a pastor so we would love to know your preferences upfront. However, we cannot promise the ability to fulfill them. 

Please keep in mind if a Crossroads Bible Church pastor will be marrying you, you will be required to fulfill pre-marital support through Crossroads. This process is strongly recommended at least six months prior to your wedding. In addition to that, you will have at least two pre-marital meetings with your pastor. Our pastors do not take marrying a couple lightly. They carry the responsibility to communicate God’s plan for marriage and ensure you are both prepared for this important, lifelong covenant. Because of this, those requirements have been set.

Facility Rental for Your Wedding

Crossroads Bible Church welcomes the use of our facility for weddings and/or wedding receptions to those in or closely tied to the Crossroads' family. Please contact us for availability, restrictions, and pricing information.