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    800 Scribner NW | Grand Rapids MI 49504

Gathering Times

  • Saturdays: 6 PM
  • Sundays: 9 + 11 AM

The City

The City - Alyssa Wagner

The City at Crossroads

We love our city. And we long to see the renewal of the city through the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  Therefore, Crossroads is committed to loving and serving those in our city in ways that speak clearly of who Jesus is and what he has done. It happens on our “street corner”-  be it our neighborhoods, on our college campuses, in our nine-to-five, and in our own families.

Our Neighborhood

Crossroads is a regional church, comprised of people who live all over the greater Grand Rapids area.  We recognize that each of us will have our unique street corners for which we are carriers of the Gospel of Jesus.  However, together, we meet in a specific neighborhood of which is our collective street corner.  In order for us to truly obey the great commandment, we believe we have a specific call to love those in this neighborhood.