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City-Wide Street Corners

We believe that as followers of Jesus, we are each uniquely called to live and breathe the Gospel in the places where we live, work and play, or in other words, our “street corners.” As a whole church community, the westside neighborhood where we are located is our “street corner.” But each of us as families and individuals represent street corners all over the city and West Michigan. It is our hope that we can equip and mobilize the people of Crossroads to be salt and light to their street corner, encouraging them through prayer, resources, connections and funding. So no matter if you are working with an city-focused organization, reading the Bible with a co-worker or wishing to start up a neighborhood front porch coffee shop, we see each of these street corners as signifiant, God-ordained and bursting with potential for the seeds of the Gospel to be sown and transformation to take place.  

The staff and elders as well as the City Focus Team of Crossroads are committed to the support, encouragement and resourcing of those who are engaging with their street corner. We believe that support is multi-faceted and is not simply a matter of funding, although that is often a need. If you are interested in learning more about our means of assistance or would like to share with us how we as a body can serve you and pray with you, please contact  

Crossroads supports and walks with individuals or families serving missionally in the city for longer than a year.  

Campus/Youth Outreach

Barnabas Ministries
   Marissa Smith |  
Taylor Greer | 

Community Kids
Donny Irving |

Grand Valley State University - Campus Crusade For Christ
    Geoff + Heather McGannon |   |    
    Steve + Alyssa Hintz |

Grand Valley State University - InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
    Mike + Sarah Harwood |
    Jordyn Moore |

Young Life
    Jake Wielhouwer |

West MI Youth For Christ
    Jodie DeBoer |

Elderly Care

Forgotten Seniors
    Gary Stowie |

Single Moms

Hope for Single Moms
    Carla Ludwig |   | https://hsmgr.org/

Grace's Table
    Lisa Anderson | | gracestable.com

Contact Jeremiah Weismann with questions or comments.