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What is Baptism?

When you first come to place your trust in Christ as your Savior and choose to follow Him as your Lord and Savior, you get much more than the promise of eternal life at some distant time in the future.  In a real way, the very moment you identify with Jesus’ work on the cross and trust in His resurrection, you too die, are buried and rise with Him.  Baptism symbolizes this work of Jesus on the cross: as you are lowered into the water, it is like your burial with Him; as you are brought out of the water, it is like your rising with Him from the dead.

Baptism is a statement of faith.  It is an opportunity to publicly declare, long before you see Jesus, that you believe and your life has been radically changed by Him. While baptism does not save you, it is a public statement that you have chosen to fully embrace the impact of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It is making the claim that you are indeed a new creation in Him, and that you now have His power to live in victory over sin.

When you choose to follow Christ you choose to leave behind the life of this world to believe, hope, and follow the Savior.  Then one day you will stand before your God in heaven.  He will wipe away the sorrows of life and bring you home to be with Him forever. In that moment you will begin an experience of God beyond all imagination and without end.   Because on that day, when you are standing face to face with God, faith and hope are no longer needed.

Scripture References Related to Baptism

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