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    800 Scribner NW | Grand Rapids MI 49504

Gathering Times

  • Sundays: 8:45 & 10:45 AM

MEN'S MINISTRY | Captivity to Freedom

Tuesdays | 7 pm | Begins SEPTEMBER 13 | Crossroads
Fridays | 6 Am | Begins SEPTEMBER 16 | Crossroads

Captivity to Freedom is a community offered to men who feel captive to the slavery of sin. The truth is that many men are stuck in sexual bondage, stuck in slavery to porn and lustful thoughts. To you, Jesus says, "I have come to proclaim release to the Captives, and Freedom to the oppressed."
Join a small group of guys who are pursuing holiness and healing together.

The Fall group is currently full. If you are interested in attending a group in the future, please contact Andy Antcliff at 616-206-7143 or .

"Sixteen years ago I was shackled to every sinful desire I could imagine. My whole life I "knew" of Jesus, but that simple knowledge did nothing to free me from a life of slavery. Somewhere deep in my soul I desired freedom but I honestly had never even thought it was possible. My marriage was deteriorating, and I was a drunk that was driven by fear and lust.. Then God..., through the love and counsel of a brother in Christ, walked me through steps of repentance and forgiveness.  Jesus destroyed the chains that held me captive. Then, and only then, through the love and unconditional acceptance of Jesus could I find true Freedom, as a Child of God."
- Andy Antcliff, Men’s Group Leader