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ELECTIVE | Evaluating Your Dating Relationship

ELECTIVE | Evaluating Your Dating Relationship
March 12 and March 26 8:45am -12:00pm |  | EPS building

This class is intended for those in a serious dating relationship who desire to learn more about the dynamics of their relationship – both the strength areas and potential growth areas. We will also cover God's plan, purpose, and design for marriage; how to best evaluate a relationship; characteristics of a healthy relationship along with common struggles; and how to make a godly decision.

Please note that the class will meet over two services on March 12th and two services on March 26th. We will provide a light breakfast. Class time will include teaching, group discussion, and couple work.

Each couple needs to take the Couple Check-up relationship assessment and bring their results to the class. If you want us to print them for you, you can email them to Jean ( ).

Sign up here

Cost: $35 to take the assessment online

How to take assessment:

  1. Create an account here.
  2. Both couple will receive an email with a link to take the assessment.
  3. At the end of the assessment, it will provide a space to put our Group number.: 27342 - 1
  4. While taking the assessment: Be honest. Go with your gut. Don't over think it yet don't rush yourself. Try to avoid too many "undecided" options.
  5. Once you both complete it, you will receive a pdf of your results.
  6. Please print your results and bring to class. If you would prefer that we print it for you, please reach out to Jean.