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Communion at Your Table

Communion at Your Table

As we give thanks and celebrate the gifts that God has given us over the holiday, let's use this opportunity to celebrate communion together with our communities. Below is a Thanksgiving Liturgy that you can read through together, as you celebrate and remember Christ's sacrifice through communion.

Thanksgiving Communion Liturgy

God, giver of all good things, it is in your abundant provision that we gather. As you are the host of the heavenly banquet table, we recognize that your provision knows no end.

For this, we give you thanks.

Jesus, Bread of Heaven, your grace sustains us. The generosity of your love fills our empty places so that we may bring your love to the empty places in this world.

For this, we give you thanks.

Holy Spirit, you hold us in communion. You dwell within us, continuing to make real the presence of Christ. You make us like trees planted by streams of water, so that we may bear fruit at the right time.

For this, we give you thanks.

With thankful hearts, we gather at your table and remember you.
We lift the bread and break it as you did.
We share it remembering your words,
“This is my body broken for you.
Eat and remember me.”

We also lift the cup as you did.
We share it remembering your words,
“This is my blood shed for you.
Drink and remember me.”

May the grace of this Table extend beyond this time and place so that we are joined with the faithful of every time and place in extending your love to our broken world.

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