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Father/Son Canoe Trip

Father/Son Canoe Trip
June 9–11 | Sterling, MI

A few years ago, Fuller Seminary did a study on what makes faith stick in the lives of young people. One conclusion was that every young person’s faith journey is profoundly impacted by having at least 5 healthy older role models to sojourn alongside. This is why we are excited to invite fathers and sons, as well as uncles, mentors, grandfathers and friends to join with a young person in experiences like this canoe trip. The weekend will be a combination of camping, canoeing, sharing meals, campfires, and simply enjoying time together.


White's Canoe Livery in Sterling, MI (about 2.5 hours away) on Rifle River.


In an increasingly fatherless society, our sons need men who are present and involved in their lives. Even with well-intentioned dads, life can be so busy that we are largely unavailable. But nothing can replace good old-fashioned quality time away from the stresses that distract us from what really matters: relationships.


Anyone who's safe to canoe down a river and wants to spend quality time with dads, sons, grandsons, brothers, nephews, cousins, friends, mentors, and those being mentored, etc. In some cases, canoes can support 3 people.


$75 per person
If money is an issue, let us know and we will figure it out!


The weekend includes camping for two nights, canoe rental, breakfast (both days), lunch on the river and dinner Saturday. It is tent and pop-up camping, with no electric or water hook-up. There’s a couple outhouses and water pumps so you can still brush and floss and access to showers about a half-mile from the campsites.

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