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ELECTIVE | Understanding Your Ancient Text

ELECTIVE | Understanding Your Ancient Text
May 9, 16, & 30 | 9AM | Upper Room

During the first week of this class, Dr John Hilber from GRTS will be teaching on the origins debate using Genesis 1-3 in context, helping participants understand how to appropriately read this portion of God's word that so often feels difficult to grasp for modern readers trying to understand the creation narrative.

Week two will be a broader and more "101" level discussion from Matt Bell, Bible Teacher at North Pointe Christian, about how we can read the Bible more effectively, using simple strategies and approaches to the various genres found throughout the 66 book canon.

Finally, week 3 will be led by Dr Jonathan Greer, talking about hermeneutics and Ancient Near Eastern cultures, as a way to equip participants to engage the Old Testament writings with confidence and insight.

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