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Pastoral Residency Program

Crossroads' leadership has a heart to raise up pastors. Thanks to the help and financial support of an organization called Made to Flourish, we have been stepping into this developmental work by hiring pastoral residents who will work with our team to learn, to grow, and to contribute to the kingdom work being done here in the city of Grand Rapids. Our hope is that these young leaders will receive the support and experience they need to serve the church in healthy and lasting ways.

The residents will be hired for a 2-year term before being sent out to wherever God is leading them. Each year, Crossroads will take on a new resident, so that the last year of one residency will overlap with the first year of the next. It’s incredible to think that we will be able to have a continuous flow of new, young pastors being trained here at Crossroads! And our congregation, not just our staff, get to be in the game. We hope you, as our people, feel this responsibility and call as well.

Current Residents

Gabe Hartfield
Resident Care Pastor

Gabe Hartfield graduated from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary with a Masters in Divinity. After graduating seminary, he became a professor at Davenport University, where he also served as a campus minister for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. He has previously been on the teaching team at Journey Church. His desire is to help young adults know Jesus better through scripture, experience Christ through community, and take ownership over their faith.

Gabe Hartfield is the resident care and young adults pastor at Crossroads Bible Church. During this residency, he desires to develop competencies for church leadership, pastoral care, preaching, and church planting.

Dave Geroux
Resident Students Pastor

Dave Geroux (sounds like the "Jeru" part of "Jerusalem") is our resident students pastor. He and his bride Jaclyn have been married for over six years. They have two delightful kids -Luke (5) and Ivy (almost 2). Dave has been a part of the Crossroads family since 2009, so, this residency feels less like a new job and more like the next step in his partnership here.

In addition to grilling on his Weber with lump charcoal, watching U of M football, and gardening, Dave's passion is to make disciples of Jesus by sharing with people not only the gospel of God, but also his life.

For those who may be interested in becoming a Crossroads Resident, and for those curious to know more about how Crossroads is investing in these residents, more information is provided at the link below. You can also contact our Director of Residency, Brian Medaglia.

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For anyone who would like to learn more about Made to Flourish, please click here