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The City

The City - Alyssa Wagner

We believe that, as followers of Jesus, we are each uniquely called to live and breathe the Gospel in the places where we live, work and play: the City. As members of the Westside GR community, we long to be loving and Christ-reflecting neighbors to those living, working, serving and worshipping in this City. While we understand that Crossroads has a unique role to play, we believe that partnership and collaboration is the best way to holistically serve a neighborhood. Not only that, but Crossroads is only a small part of the beautiful work that God is doing through His Church in Grand Rapids. As a church, our core values are encompassed by the verse Micah 6:8 which says that the Lord requires us to Do Justice, Love Mercy, and Walk Humbly with Him. We love supporting people and organizations in the City that are living out Micah 6:8. It is our goal to work with, under and alongside those that uniquely contribute to the growth, renewal and empowerment of our neighborhood.

It is our hope to equip and mobilize the people of Crossroads to be the salt and light of our City. We aim to encourage them through prayer, resources, connections and funding. So no matter if you are working with a city-focused organization, being Christlike in your workplace, or being intentional with your neighbors; we want you to know that we support you, and see what you’re doing as God-ordained. We are bursting with potential for the seeds of the Gospel to be sown and transformation to take place. If you are interested in learning more about our passion for serving our City, or want to share with us how we as a body can serve and pray with you, please contact .

City Partners

70x7 Life Recovery
Justice | Restoration | Support
Children’s Ministry, Family Support Group, Pen Pal with Prisoners, Mentoring
| www.70x7liferecovery.org

Barnabas Ministries
Discipleship | Mentoring At-Risk Youth
Mentor, Transportation Volunteers Needed, Pen Pals, Meals Needed
| www.barnabasmin.org/new/

Bethany Christian Services
Refugee & Immigrant Support | Adoption Services
Serve on a Welcome Team, Become a 'Bethany General' | www.bethany.org/get-involved/serve/volunteer

Community Kids
Discipleship | Transforming Communities Through Kids
Volunteer at Tuesday Bible Club, Make a Meal, Mentor
| www.communitykids.org

Mercy | Community Health Care
Office Support Volunteer, Medical Volunteer
| www.exaltahealth.org

Mercy | Food Distribution

Forgotten Man Ministries
Discipleship | Jail Ministry
Join a Worship Team, Be a Bible Study Teacher
| www.forgottenman.org

Forgotten Seniors
Mercy | Elderly Care

Grace’s Table
Mercy | Discipling Single Moms
| www.gracestable.com

Justice | Housing Support

Little Orange Scooter
Provides Employment to Refugee Women
Work with them, Join them at Events, Write/Design for them
 | www.littleorangescooter.com

Justice | Employment for those On the Margins
Renovate a House, Connect Missional Employers
 | www.nextstep-wm.org

Justice | Ending Exploitation/Trafficking
 | www.seexploitation.org

Treetops Collective
Justice | Empowering Refugees
Be a Cross-Cultural Partner or Childcare/Transport Volunteer
| www.treetopscollective.org

West Michigan Friendship Center
Mercy | Providing Muslim Community | Refugee Support
Prepare a Simple Meal, Volunteer as a Music Teacher
 | www.wmfriendshipcenter.org