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The Nations

The Nations at Crossroads seek to advance the Kingdom of God by responding as Jesus did to the lost and oppressed and to make disciples in the Nations. We hope to accomplish this mission by equipping and discipling the Crossroads Community to release them into the world and to identify and support Ministry Organizations we can partner with. Crossroads Bible Church is specifically interested in partnering with organizations who are aligned with God's call to each of us in Micah 6:8: To Act Justly, Love Mercy, and Walk in Humility.


One Saved | www.1saved.org
One Saved exists to combat child sex trafficking until its complete abolition is achieved. Right now, their focus is the building of gospel-centered aftercare facilities in Southeast Asia. These buildings will be homes that provide children who have been trafficked with a safe place to heal, receive high quality psychological & medical care, learning and vocational opportunities, and most importantly be shown the love of Christ and given an opportunity to find true freedom through a personal relationship with Him.

Amiina Ministries | www.amiinaministries.org
The mission of Amiina Ministries is restoring hope, rebuilding lives and raising up a generation to break the cycle of poverty, preserve families and bring sustainable transformation to communities. Amiina Ministries exists to demonstrate the Love of Jesus by uniting families across the globe to empower the neglected and vulnerable families of Ugandan in discovering their divine potential and purpose to become excellent and influential Christian leaders in their communities.

Hope Speaks | www.joinhopespeaks.org
Hope Speaks strives to provide speech therapy and rehabilitation services for children in a country where these services are nearly non-existent. We work diligently to make high-quality speech therapy and rehabilitation services available to all children in Uganda, from the capital city of Kampala to surrounding communities and remote villages. Hope Speaks stands with children with disabilities and works diligently to encourage communities and decision makers to raise voices for children with disabilities in Uganda and to ensure that those voices resound in their communities and around the world.

Touch of Hope | www.touchofhopeinternational.org
The mission of Touch of Hope International is to provide holistic health care, training, and consulting by working through local healthcare professionals and humanitarian organizations to reach the poor and vulnerable both here and abroad. They set up quarterly medical - dental clinics in the facilities of our partners as well as in the refugee camps.

ELIC/Pinnacle | www.elic.org
Through English education, ELIC proudly recruits, trains, and sends hundreds of people each year to teach in long-term and short-term programs throughout Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. Our long-standing partnerships with universities and governments around the globe open doors for us to make a deep and significant impact on students, colleagues, and neighbors.

CURE International | www.cure.org
CURE’s mission is to reach and heal more children living with disabilities like clubfoot, bowed legs, cleft lips, untreated burns, and hydrocephalus. We do this through a global network of pediatric surgical hospitals that serve children. CURE Children’s Hospitals treat children with a variety of disabling conditions that often go uncared for in countries that have a lack of access to resources. Without treatment, these children are more vulnerable, often in pain, and left on the fringes of society.

Life International | www.lifeinternational.com
Life International wants to see the Bride of Christ body advancing God's global life movement, saving pre-born lives, healing broken hearts, and proclaiming the infinite value of His Image in all people.

Global Hope Network | www.globalhopenetwork.org
The vast majority of the world’s poorest people live in rural villages where the vast majority of assistance never reaches. Global Hope Network International believes that it’s possible to bring not only sustainable transformation to these people, but also the accompanying hope of a better future, free from the perpetual cycle of poverty.


Crossroads is privileged to link arm-in-arm with several individuals from within our own body that are serving in long-term missions throughout the Nations. These global servants have committed to long-term initiatives with various organizations and ministries.

For more information, or to get in contact with any of our missionaries, you can email us at .