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The Silent Years (Part Two)

03.27.20 | Electives

Since we weren't able to finish our Silent Years elective in person, we will be uploading audio of each session onto our blog! We've included the audio and slides from the second session above.

God's Purpose for Marriage | Mirror God

03.26.20 | Marriage | by Stephanie Teslaa

    Why did God create marriage? Or phrased another way: "What is the purpose of it?" If we don't know the why behind the what, we may transpose our own ideas or even the world's ideas on this God-given relationship. We start by looking at...

    Share the Bread

    03.06.20 | ON MISSION | by Anne Ostrander

      I used to think only very extroverted, charismatic people could be evangelists. You had to be born brave. You had to have the specific gifting. Although I do believe some have more of a natural gifting for it than others, it is still a command...

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