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To Act Justly

06.25.20 | by Dave Dietz

    We are continuing to share thoughts and processing from members of our church body on the issues of race and justice. This week, Dave Dietz has shared some of his own processing, and encourages us to learn from history and center ourselves on...

    The Sin of Racism

    06.11.20 | by Brian Robinson

      In the same way we shared Bethany’s thoughts and processing on issues of racial injustice last week, today we’re sharing thoughts from one of our elders, Brian Robinson, as he has been processing the sin of racism over the past few weeks.

      Processing Racial Injustice

      06.04.20 | by Bethany Hicks

        “Ms. Hicks, your skin so pretty. I wish I had light skin like that.”A five year old student that I worked with in my previous job told me this a few years ago. At the time, I brushed past the comment and moved onto our objectives for...

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