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Sermon Application Questions | 1 Kings 17

08.10.20 | Sermon Application

    The widow tells Elijah that she is running out of flour and oil. In what ways do you feel your life is "running out"? (i.e. lost job, health, patience) Rod provided an image of a jar of oil. What does the jar symbolize? What about the oil? How...

    Sermon Application Questions | 2 Timothy

    08.05.20 | Sermon Application

      Would anyone be willing to share a little bit of their testimony in order to inspire others to remember how Jesus saves? What do you think of when you hear that the Holy Spirit gives “power”? Is there anyone you need God to give you...

      Sermon Application Questions | Ephesians 1

      07.26.20 | Sermon Application

        What is hope? Do you have it? What is your hope in? Nazi Germany is the easiest way of understanding the world of the 1st Christians. Does this historical background of two competing Kings and two competing Kingdoms matter, especially when...

        Sermon Application Questions | Romans 8

        07.18.20 | Sermon Application

          How does knowing more of the context of Romans change how you read it?Do you feel like we have “strong” vs “weak” in our church and cultural context? What issues would be affected by building up our identities as children...

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