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Hopeless to Hopeful | Community Kids

01.15.21 | ON MISSION | by Donny Irving

    On Sunday nights, Community Kids leaders and I have been taking some teens to play volleyball in a gym outside of Grand Rapids. Last Sunday night, I felt God telling me I should ask two younger kids to go, for some reason. I debated not getting...

    Mercy on a Street Corner | Community Kids

    06.06.19 | ON MISSION | by Donny Irving

      As I was setting up for Bible Club last week, I saw several kids I didn’t know squaring up to each other, getting ready to fight. I started to approach them to see what was going on, and they stopped squaring up and started looking at me...

      Making Room | Community Kids

      12.27.18 | ON MISSION | by Donny Irving

        Making Room: A Community Kids blog I’ve never been one to lock doors. Many know how God led me to my ministry in Southeast-side Grand Rapids in the first place: Kids trespassed in my backyard to play basketball and instead of kicking them...