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ADVENT | Day 24

12.24.17 | Women's Focus | by Steph Patten

The Divine Mundane Probably not the most grammatically correct title for this post since “divine” and “mundane” are both adjectives, but I think this passage of Scripture perfectly describes the divine (proceeding from...

ADVENT | Day 21

12.21.17 | Women's Focus | by Chelsea Garter

Matthew 1:18-2:12 Remember when you were a kid, and each year seemed so slow? Your birthday had to be celebrated in segments, the half birthday, because otherwise it felt like an eternity of waiting. I think a kid must have also invented...

ADVENT | Day 20

12.20.17 | Women's Focus | by Lynda Roersma

Luke 1:26-80 During this time of the year during advent, I think about Zechariah. His story stretches my imagination to picture what these scenes looked like. I wonder what would I have thought? How would I have responded? Would I be afraid?...

ADVENT | Day 18

12.18.17 | Women's Focus | by Morgan Koehler

John 1:1-18 There is a crescendo in John 1:1-18. A crescendo, in musical terminology, is when the music gradually grows in loudness. If this piece of scripture is a symphony playing within the mind, it starts out soft, adding layers and truths...

ADVENT | Day 17

12.17.17 | Women's Focus | by Lindsy Griffis

Revelation 22:12-21 Picture a banquet. A feast. Tables stretched for miles long in fields of glory. Mountains, orange skies, wildflowers abounding, the backdrop adorned by the creation of God alone. A new earth, restored. The table is filled...