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Sermon Application Questions | Ephesians


Sermon Application Questions | Ephesians

    Every week, we post a series of questions related to this week's sermon, as a way of applying the message to our lives. Please feel free to discuss these with your families around the dinner table, friends, house church, or any other members of your community!

    1: Rod mentioned that as many as 25% of the people in the Roman empire were slaves and that slaves were traded in Ephesus.
    What are the things that enslave people in our culture?
    What are the things that enslave us as Christians?
    Read Revelation 5:9–10. It took Christ's blood to purchase us as slaves to sin and free us to be the people of God. Take some time in prayer to thank Him for the truth of redemption.

    2: Rod described the gospel as God's rule breaking through to the chaos of our world and bringing shalom. He also said that sharing the gospel meant that Paul was shaking things up for the silver smiths in Ephesus who were making idols of the god Artemis.
    What are the gods of our times? By sharing the gospel, in what ways will we stir things up, given our current culture?

    3: Rod mentioned that the Christians were the ones that saved infants that were left as the garbage dump because they were rejected by their fathers.
    As a kingdom of priests, we have the responsibility to act on behalf of the weak. In what ways are we priesting on behalf of the weak?