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Sermon Application Questions | John 21

04.19.21 | Sermon Application

Sermon Application Questions | John 21

    Every week, we post a series of questions related to this week's sermon, as a way of applying the message to our lives. Please feel free to discuss these with your families around the dinner table, friends, house church, or any other members of your community!

    Jesus’ disciples in a boat: In terms of what, where, who... How is this a picture of the church?

    When it says that Peter, Andrew and John dropped their nets to follow Christ, why is this significant? What does it mean? What are your nets? Have you dropped them?

    What two scenes does Jesus recreate for Peter (the haul of fish precipitated the 1st time Peter met Jesus and heard His Call. The charcoal fire recreates the scene of Peter’s denial)
    Why is Jesus recreating these scenes? Why does Jesus ask Peter, "Do you love Me more than these?"
    Do you love Jesus more than these? What do you need to repent of?