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Sermon Application Questions | Matthew 18:21–35

07.12.21 | Sermon Application

Sermon Application Questions | Matthew 18:21–35

    Every week, we post a series of questions related to this week's sermon, as a way of applying the message to our lives. Please feel free to discuss these with your families around the dinner table, friends, house church, or any other members of your community!

    Read Matthew 18:21-35

    What do you do when someone hurts you?

    What is forgiveness? 

    Have you ever been in a season of unforgiveness or partial forgiveness? What was getting in the way of offering complete forgiveness to that person or people who hurt you?

    What is the difference between a need and a desire? What are some ways we can go to God with our needs instead of grasping at others?

    Why is it so important that we spend time alone with God before stepping into life with other sinful people?