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2.21.21 | John 17:6-26

2.21.21 | John 17:6-26

Feb 21, 2021

Preacher: Rod VanSolkema

Series: John Pt. 2

Category: Message


Sermon Application Questions

Read John 17:20-26.

In verse 17:26, Jesus tells us that He is in us. Rod mentioned this morning that this makes us part of the Trinity. What are the implications of us being part of the Trinity?

Consider Jesus repeated pleading in prayer for unity of his followers who will believe in verse 20. What practical steps can we take to live unified with other believers? (Also consider Romans 14.)

Jesus has given us "His Glory" (vs 22). He also tells us that God, the Father, "loved them" as he loved Jesus (vs 23). How does knowing that God is sharing His Glory with you and loves you as He loves Jesus change your perspective on today?