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3.22.20 | Zeal For My Fathers House

3.22.20 | Zeal For My Fathers House

Mar 22, 2020

Preacher: DanMike & Rod

Series: John Pt. 1

Category: Message


Sermon Application Questions

What are some ways we as the church can unintentionally get in the way of people coming to God? Are there any rhythms or practices we get into that consistently lead to us forgetting about or overlooking our neighbor?

Since many of our regular worship events have been placed on hold, have you noticed any changes, for better or for worse, in your walk with God and your faith?

We are priests, and we are the temple. In our current decentralized situation, what are ways we all can be good representatives of who God is, wherever we may be? Have you already seen or experienced any creative & inspiring stories of people putting God on display in the past few weeks?