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3.7.21 | John 18:15-18 & 25-27

3.7.21 |  John 18:15-18 & 25-27

Mar 07, 2021

Preacher: Rod VanSolkema

Series: John Pt. 2

Category: Message


Sermon Application Questions

Rod talked about how Jesus wasn’t a measly victim to Roman soldiers.
What does it mean to you to not think of Jesus as a victim of death?

Peter gets out of the boat and walks – what a moment. Have you had moments in your life of faith like this?

As quickly as Peter was faithful, he became faithless- does this resonate with you?

When Jesus says He will suffer and die, this shatters Peter’s paradigm. Have you had moments where you thought God was going to do one thing and did something different?

How does Rod compare the way Jesus stands up to his accusers to the way Peter does?

Rod talked about commitment: What does it look like to stay committed to our faith?

Community means commitment, at all costs. What does this mean to you?

Rod says we need to own our failure as Peter did; what does that look like practically for us?

Rod said “All my failure is placed on Christ, so that all His righteousness can be placed on me.”
How does this statement play out in your own life?