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7.19.20 | Romans 8

7.19.20 | Romans 8

Jul 19, 2020

Preacher: Daniel (DanMike) Thompson

Series: The Holy Spirit

Category: Message


Sermon Application Questions

How does knowing more of the context of Romans change how you read it?

Do you feel like we have “strong” vs “weak” in our church and cultural context? What issues would be affected by building up our identities as children of God?

What are the main things you tend to base your identity on? Over the years, have you found there are triggers or seasons where you end up placing your identity mainly on things of this world?

What are some reasons why we tend to not communicate to the family of God that we accept them as family?

What are some practices we can adopt that will help us live more consistently with this glorious reality?

How can we be praying for one another?