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7.3.22 | Solitude & Silence (Psalm 19)

7.3.22 | Solitude & Silence (Psalm 19)

Jul 03, 2022

Preacher: Matt Bell

Series: Discipleship Practices

Category: Message


Sermon Application Questions

What is your experience up to this point with the discipleship practices of solitude and silence? Did you have any prior impressions or convictions regarding solitude and silence? Share your experiences.

Why is important to discern the difference between intentional isolation like solitude vs. isolation caused by pandemics, relationship strain, changing life circumstances, etc?

What part of creation most speaks of God’s glory to you? When has God’s glory been most on display?

Creation speaks, the Scriptures speak, and Jesus the Word made flesh speaks. Why is it so easy to miss? How does solitude & silence give us the space to hear?

In what ways do you see our world ordered against solitude & silence? Specifically in the area of devices and technology, have you had any concerns about what about constant connection might be costing us?

How can you “Start Small” this week? Where can you realistically create solitude & silence in your life right now? How can it be sustainable? How can the group support one another?