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At Crossroads, we attempt to be faithful to the Text as it pertains to God’s instruction on church structure by applying an “elder-led, non-denominational” leadership model. This means that, independent of any larger organization, our elder board seeks God in prayer and humility to oversee the body and apply God’s Word to the functions of the church. We believe the Bible highlights a plurality of male elders governing individual New Testament churches (Acts 14:23; Acts 20:28; Titus 1:5; Philippians 1:1). According to Scripture, elders are called to be humble, loving, servants watching over the local church, thus offering their individual gifts and shared counsel to the body in order to lead wisely (Proverbs 12:15; Proverbs 15:22; Proverbs 19:20; Proverbs 24:6). Although God chooses imperfect men to lead His Church, we believe it is ultimately the perfect Spirit of Jesus Christ who equips and leads them.

For information on our interpretation of the role of deacons, click here.

Crossroads Elders
Profile image of Mark Augustyn

Mark Augustyn

E-Mail: maugustyn@MercBank.com

Profile image of Dan Breuker

Dan Breuker

E-Mail: dan.breuker@gmail.com

Profile image of Ray Carmichael

Ray Carmichael

E-Mail: rwcarmichael@gmail.com

Profile image of Matt Kenney

Matt Kenney

Men's Pastor

E-Mail: mkenney@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Matt Lane

Matt Lane

E-Mail: mattwlane@gmail.com

Profile image of Brian Medaglia

Brian Medaglia

Community Life Pastor

E-Mail: bmedaglia@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Doug Sporte

Doug Sporte

E-Mail: sporteld@att.net

Profile image of Sam Sterk

Sam Sterk

E-Mail: ssterk@grar.com

Profile image of Matt Stowell

Matt Stowell

Missions Pastor

E-Mail: onmission@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Rod VanSolkema

Rod VanSolkema

Lead Pastor

E-Mail: rvansolkema@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of David Wilkins

David Wilkins

E-Mail: david.wilx@gmail.com

Profile image of Mike Wozniak

Mike Wozniak

E-Mail: michael@michaelwozniak.net