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  • Sundays: 9 + 11 AM


Profile image of RJ Alicea

RJ Alicea

A/V Director

E-Mail: ralicea@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Jean Ballance

Jean Ballance

Care & Counseling Administrative Partner

E-Mail: jballance@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Bethany Barber

Bethany Barber

Director of Community School Engagement

E-Mail: bbarber@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Jamie Bartlett

Jamie Bartlett

Adoption & Foster Care Director

E-Mail: jbartlett@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Judy Black

Judy Black

Office Manager

E-Mail: jblack@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Brittney Burrell

Brittney Burrell

Ministry Administrative Partner

E-Mail: bburrell@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Allison Dennis

Allison Dennis

Crossroads Kids Administrative Partner

E-Mail: adennis@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Tammy Eldersveld

Tammy Eldersveld

Young Adults Administrative Partner

E-Mail: teldersveld@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Nathan English

Nathan English

College Pastor

E-Mail: nenglish@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Max Garter

Max Garter

Student Ministries Pastor

E-Mail: mgarter@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Dave Geroux

Dave Geroux

Resident Students Pastor

E-Mail: dgeroux@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Glori Goodrich

Glori Goodrich

Neighbor Care Director

E-Mail: ggoodrich@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Mark Gotshall

Mark Gotshall

Facilities Lead

E-Mail: facility@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Josh Harmon

Josh Harmon

Crossroads Kids Volunteer Coordinator

E-Mail: jharmon@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Gabe Hartfield

Gabe Hartfield

Resident Care Pastor

E-Mail: ghartfield@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Joel Jacobson

Joel Jacobson

Worship Pastor

E-Mail: jjacobson@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Matt Kenney

Matt Kenney

Men's Pastor

E-Mail: mkenney@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Brian Medaglia

Brian Medaglia

Community Life Pastor

E-Mail: bmedaglia@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Lauren Pinner

Lauren Pinner

Communications Director

E-Mail: lpinner@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Lynda Roersma

Lynda Roersma

Finance Manager

E-Mail: lroersma@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Jen Schmid

Jen Schmid

Community Life Administrative Partner

E-Mail: jschmid@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Matt Stowell

Matt Stowell

Missions Pastor

E-Mail: onmission@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Stephanie Teslaa

Stephanie Teslaa

Community Care Pastor

E-Mail: steslaa@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson

Teaching Pastor

E-Mail: dthompson@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Hannah VanderVelde

Hannah VanderVelde

Crossroads Kids Director

E-Mail: hvandervelde@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Libby VanSolkema

Libby VanSolkema

Administrative & Resource Partner

E-Mail: rod2lib@msn.com

Profile image of Rod VanSolkema

Rod VanSolkema

Lead Pastor

E-Mail: rvansolkema@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Tina Watschke

Tina Watschke

Women’s Director

E-Mail: cwatschke@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Jeremiah Weismann

Jeremiah Weismann

City Missions Pastor

E-Mail: jweismann@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Jonah Wilson

Jonah Wilson

Student Discipleship Coordinator

E-Mail: jwilson@crossroads-bible.org

Profile image of Reagan Wilson

Reagan Wilson

Student Ministries Administrative Partner

E-Mail: rwilson@crossroads-bible.org