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What can I expect if I visit on a Sunday morning?

Crossroads Bible Church is a gathering of imperfect people who desire to worship God, invest in community, and link arms with others to be on mission in our city and nation.

Here are some aspects you can expect when you come to a Sunday morning Gathering:

  • Bible is our middle name so you can expect a focus on the Bible. We typically approach Scripture from an expository perspective, meaning we draw our sermon topics from focusing on a book of the Bible and taking it verse by verse instead of a topical approach.
  • Because the Bible was written to people from a different culture and time, we find it important to dive into the cultural and historical context in order to better understand what God was communicating and how that connects to us here and now. In this way, you can expect that you may have a history lesson as a Hebrew focus is often woven into the message. It is not uncommon to learn a new Hebrew word or concept on a Sunday morning.
  • You will be asked to stand for the reading of God’s word at a Sunday morning Gathering. We do this because as we anticipate God’s very words spoken we want to show respect and enthusiasm. Of course, this invitation is intended for those who are physically able to stand. For those unable, we ask for them to stand with us in spirit.
  • You can expect our Sunday morning Gathering will include worship in song with a band. We believe in the priesthood of believers so worship is often led by a handful of our people. Our style of music tends to be a mixture of contemporary with some classic hymns and led by a full band.
  • We believe in the value of corporate prayer so it is not uncommon for a Sunday morning to include an open time of prayer for our people to enter the throne room of God to pray for our community.
  • We view our community as family so our Gatherings have a small element of fluidity and some chaos, especially before and after the Gathering. We do not have a large building so entering and exiting can be a little chaotic. You will experience a lot of conversation and connection among our people–in this regard, it may feel more like a family gathering than a church service.
  • Our typical Sunday morning Gathering lasts for nearly 90 minutes. The first service begins at 8:45am with the second service beginning at 10:45am.
  • We serve coffee during most Sunday mornings.

Where do I go if I have questions when I arrive or want more information?

We have a wonderful team of connection volunteers who are excited to greet you and answer any questions you might have. You will find them greeting at our building entrances as well as specifically at the Connections Center, located between the two entrances to the Gathering space. For specific questions about children and our Sunday morning children’s support, please go to the Crossroads Kids check-in located in the middle of the building on the main level.

Where do I park?

Parking in the Crossroads lot is limited, so please leave those spots open for those with limited mobility. Additional parking is available at the EPS building, located on the east side of our building across Front Avenue, as well as the Riverview parking lot, which is located south of our building across Sixth Street.

Are children welcome in the Gathering on Sunday?

Children are always welcome in our Gathering space but we ask for parents to be respectful of those around them in the service. If your child or children are unable to maintain a reasonable volume for those in the service to engage in worship and teaching, we ask that you use our Crossroads Kids classrooms or use the family listening room located on the west side of the second floor. The family listening room offers video connection to the Gathering. Also located on the west side of the second floor, we offer a nursing moms’ room for those who need added privacy and a quiet environment. This room offers audio connection to the Gathering.

How do I check my children into Crossroads Kids on a Sunday?

If it is your first time visiting Crossroads, you will want to go to the Crossroads Kids Check-in located in the middle of the building on the main floor. Our volunteers will work with you to get your child or children input into our system and find the appropriate classroom for them. On future Sunday mornings, you will be able to use our self-service check-ins to print off your child’s name tags and your parent pick-up ticket.

How do I get my middle school or high school student involved in Student Ministries?

Because we highly value relationships in the middle school and high school ministry, we love to have a heads up on new attenders. We ask that families fill out this form so our team can best serve your family and your students. This will allow us to communicate with you and find the right fit for your student. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Molly (

What are some easy first steps to find community at Crossroads?

A few times a year we offer a Sunday morning “Get Connected” reception geared towards newcomers. This time is a short overview introduction to the history, values, and ministries of Crossroads. It’s a great place to learn more and meet others who may be new to the community.

We offer Family Meals several times a year where people from our community open their homes and host a meal to others at Crossroads. This is a great way to enjoy some fellowship with those who are new or well-established in our community. We value time spent around a meal because it offers intentional time to get to know others and welcome them into our community. Keep an eye out on the events page for the next Family Meals or sign up to receive our weekly email here.

Jumping in to serve is often a great way for people to find community at Crossroads. Some of the easiest ways to serve are on Sunday mornings in Crossroads’ Kids, brewing coffee, volunteering on the safety team, or welcoming people as they arrive. You can find other ways to serve here.

For those who are interested in a deeper dive, we offer Partnership classes twice a year. Partnership is what we call “membership.” We intentionally use the word “partnership” because when someone desires to call Crossroads their church home, we see this as linking arms and being on mission together for God’s Kingdom. You can find out more about Partnership here.

How do I get baptized?

We offer corporate baptisms two times a year in our Gatherings on a Sunday morning. We also encourage baptisms to happen in the smaller, more intimate settings–such as house church or other ministry events. You can read more about our heart behind baptisms and next steps here.

How do we dedicate our child?

Children are a true gift from the Lord and we believe that parents need to acknowledge their responsibility to raise their children aligned with God. You can read more about our hearts and beliefs about child dedication here. We encourage child dedications to be done in smaller, more intimate settings with those who will have an impact on raising your children to know and love the Lord. If you would like your child’s dedication to be celebrated and acknowledged in our Sunday morning Gathering or you would like a pastor present at your dedication, please fill out this form.

Do you rent your building out?

We rent individual rooms in our building to partners and partner organizations of Crossroads. Our building is also available for the wedding ceremonies of Crossroads’ Partners and does require an application process. If you’re interested in availability please contact Brittney at

Sundays: 8:45 & 10:45 AM