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Latest Series: Contending for the Faith

07.02.23 | James 1: 1-18

Tryg Veker

Date: July 2, 2023

Category: Message

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Sermon Application Questions

Read James 1: 1-18
What are we supposed to do in suffering?
(Verse 1)

What does suffering produce in our lives produce?
(Verses 3 & 12)

Tryg talked about how suffering can make you bitter or refine you. What’s a time in your life where either of these were the outcomes to your suffering?

Tryg said you don’t necessarily have to understand the trial in your life but hopefully you would understand the power of what it can do in your life…talk about a time you went through a trial you didn’t understand but saw how God worked in spite of that.

Read Matthew 7
What does this verse tell us about suffering?
Where are you building your house?

Read James 1:9-11 again
What wisdom do these verses give on wealth? On sin?

Tryg said our faith can become emaciated when we numb it with wealth/ comfort because we don’t learn to rely on Christ. Talk about a time this was true in your life.

Tryg posed the question: do we know the dangers and the pitfalls of wealth?

Read 2 Corinthians 12
In his vision, what did Paul ask God to do?
What did God say?

Tryg spoke about our sinful desires giving birth to death- and that God gives birth to new life (gospel) through death (Jesus). How can we live out Gods calling in our lives in light of that?
What “mini deaths” need to happen in your life so that you can fully worship him and live in the light of the gospel?

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