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Latest Series: Vices & Virtues

8.1.21 | Anger & Longsuffering

Daniel (DanMike) Thompson

Date: August 1, 2021

Category: Message

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Sermon Application Questions

How do we see Christians displaying anger? How do we see the world displaying it?

Who am I angry at?

What am I angry at?

What are the differences between righteous anger and anger?

Dan said the kingdom of heaven is a contagious reality- do you believe this? Do you live this out?

When thinking of your own anger, ask yourself these questions, based on Mark 3:4:

  • Am I doing good or evil?
  • Am I killing or am I saving?
  • Am I loving my enemy or hating them?
  • How could I direct my anger into something for the kingdom?

Sundays: 8:45 & 10:45 AM