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Latest Series: Cruciform Community

6.20.21 | Romans 14:1-15:2

Brian Robinson

Date: June 20, 2021

Category: Message

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Sermon Application Questions

Brian used the word "conflict" to characterize the past year and a half of COVID. In what ways have you experienced conflict/disagreements/disputes in this season?

Brian stated the main idea of Romans 14 by saying, "God wants you to be like his Son more than he wants you to be right." Why is this so important?

The preacher named masks and vaccines as "disputable matters" that are dividing the church today. Have you become "fully convinced in your own mind" as to what is the good and pleasing and perfect will of God in these matters? If so, what do you believe it to be?

How well/poorly do you think you've lived out the instruction from Romans 14 in this season? How well/poorly has the instruction from Romans 14 been lived out by other Christians in your social circle? How can you implement this teaching into your life right now?

Sundays: 8:45 & 10:45 AM